The Chippewa Valley Air Show

After an incredibly late night on Saturday, I took my kids to the Blue Angels Air Show on Sunday… the kids and I had a great time! There was very minimal fighting, we hung out together, enjoyed each others’ company… I don’t really know who was more into it.. the kids or me!

That being said, I didn’t exactly win Mom of the Year Award for the weekend. It wasn’t a bad weekend by any means, but I completely ignored signals I should have paid better attention to… poor Grace!

*On Friday night, the kids were with their dad. I had to be at work early the next morning for our Spring Cleaning day. Dad took them to Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate straight A’s for Grace, then off to the Blue Angels Meet and Greet. That night, they were up a bit late. Saturday, they slept in at their Dad’s, while I scrubbed walls and floors… oh so exciting!

*When I was done, I met them out at Lake Wissota, where Grace was out trying to land another small mouth bass, and Michael was perfecting his casting skills! After fishing in the rain for a bit with nothing to show for it, we headed home for some much needed naps. We managed to make it several hours without a fight!

*The kids were so excited to go to a BBQ at my boss’s house. When we got there, it was still raining. Kids were running everywhere, having a great time! I was immediately invited into the Wii bowling tourny. I should have practiced a bit – needless to say, I didn’t make it out of the first bracket! The kids ran around like they had a case of the crazies! Eventually, it stopped raining, and people (big and little) dispersed all over the place, inside and out. Grace and the older kids played volleyball with one of my co-workers. The younger kids were running around “shooting” at each other… pretty soon, a bunch of us grown-ups started playing volleyball until well after dark. Then, as we sat around the bonfire, I relished in the fact that my kids were playing nice with other kids, not fighting, etc… as the clock approached midnight, I decided we should probably get home.

…if you know me, you are probably surprised I let my kids stay up that late. I tend to be a stickler on the 8:00 bed time, even in the summer! I let them stay up a little late on GREAT occasion in the summer when we don’t have to get up for anything the next day, but it’s extremely rare I let them stay up past 9. Here it was after 11, and we weren’t even home, let alone ready for bed!

*Anyway, Sunday morning came, Grace said she wasn’t feeling good. She had a red, sore throat, and a headache. I figured she was just run down from being up so late, and inhaled too much smoke from the bonfire. We just chilled around the house a bit, rather than rushing out the door to get there by 8:30 when the doors open (as was my original plan). We got there around 10, which ended up being perfect. Poor Grace carried around a box of Kleenex which she used up before the Blue Angels even flew! She was sneezing, blowing her nose, and told me she felt miserable. She also was very excited about the air show, and didn’t want to skip it… I just kept hoping the Motrin would kick in at any moment so she would enjoy herself. This was the first air show for all of us, and none of us knew what to expect!

There were all sorts of different air craft. Stunt planes, the Mayo Helicopter, military planes… it was all very cool. We even got to go inside an old gunship nicknamed, “Spooky.” Michael thought the guns were “awesome”! There were military booths along one side of the field. Michael said he might be an “army guy” some day, or he might fly a plane.

Finally, it was 12, the time the air show was supposed to start. We took a seat out in the field, frozen lemonades, corn dogs (and a pork tenderloin sandwich for Grace) in hand. Eventually, the paratroopers started with the National Anthem, which we couldn’t hear because of our ear plugs, until half-way through the song – oops! We stood up, took off Michael’s hat, and gave our little guy a quick lesson in what to do when the National Anthem is playing.

The paratrooper carrying the flag for the National Anthem.

Soon enough, trick planes started. The kids and I were amazed by the upside down tricks, and close encounters of the planes. What we weren’t prepared for, was the half an hour or so of waiting in between the different “acts”. Grace started going downhill quickly as the Motrin wore off… eventually, she feel asleep.. right there, in the field! Michael was playing with his toy Blue Angel, and eventually, he laid down too. He didn’t really sleep, but rested a bit… I enjoyed the peace for a bit! Little did I know, the Blue Angels weren’t actually scheduled to fly until 3! We had planned on catching the air show, and then getting Grace to her softball practice at 3. Oh well!

The Blue Angels eventually did fly, after a slight weather delay. The kids were pretty much ready to leave by then. Being the nice Mom I am, I wouldn’t let them leave… Who cares if it’s raining (drizzling, really)… we came to see the Blue Angels, we’re going to see them, darn it! Grace was feeling awful, Michael was getting bored… But, once those Navy planes started flying and doing their thing, all that was forgotten!! The close flying, amazing speeds, rolls, the upside-down and backwards flying was amazing! I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as they flew over our heads in such a tight formation, you’d swear it was one giant aircraft! At one point, two planes looked like they were playing chicken! At such a high speed, how could they possibly know exactly when to roll just enough to not hit? How do they know just how much to turn?? Wow!!!

Micheal says his favorite part was “all of it”!
Grace’s most favorite part was “when it was raining.” When asked why, she said, “It felt good, ’cause I was sick.”

The final break in formation for the Blue Angels

If they come back next year, we will be back for sure!!! Completely amazing!!!


One thought on “The Chippewa Valley Air Show

  1. Atmo says:

    Liked the Blues, eh?…..I walked away from the air show all 4 days in extreme disappointment, What you saw was the Blues’ “low show”. and trust me….If you had seen their full true high show, you’d agree the weather ruined everything. They fly maneuvers in their high show that would leave anyone breathless. But the Delta portion of the low show (flown all 4 days) was downright pitiful in comparison.

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