Happy Tails Dog Park

Just a quick follow up on Duke and his building aggression towards other dogs. I have taken him to Happy Tails Dog Park in Hallie a few times now. I have to say, it was a GREAT $20 investment (or $3/day if you don’t get an Annual Pass)!!

The first couple times we went, I took him in the middle of the day, when I knew there probably wouldn’t be other dogs there. Actually, I kind of prayed that there wasn’t! The first time, there was one dog far away, and he didn’t even know it! He was so happy to be off leash, that he just ran happily along.

The last couple of times we went, there were other dogs along the path. Every time he ran up to one, my stomach tied in knots. I was so nervous about how he would react. I tried to remember what I had read, and what my friends who used to foster dogs told me, “Dogs are less likely to show aggression if they are off leash.” I took a deep breath, watched the initial greeting, and called his name. He would finish the sniff greeting, and run along – whew!!!

Duke, running happily along at the Happy Tails Dog Park!!

He is doing great! He checks out the other dogs, and even plays with them some! His hair still stands up some initially, but he hasn’t shown any aggression towards the dogs at the park.

Tonight, I even got a compliment from another woman there on how good he was, and that she would look forward to see us there again!! It’s kind of like being complimented on your kids – your heart swells with pride!


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