The Ferris Wheel at night, looking through the loop of the Corkscrew!

I haven’t been to ValleyFair for a LONG time! We’re talking, at least 7 years. This past weekend, I went with my boyfriend and his 3 boys, ages 12, 11 and 8. We had such a blast! Experiencing the rollercoasters with them for the 1st time was SO cool!

In line for the Wild Thing, Aspen, 11, went back and forth on whether he was going to go on it. The height of the hill was intimidating… Behind us, there were three people, most likely in their early 20’s. They were holding several stuffed animals they had won (we previously saw them in the parking lot with a huge gorilla that took up most of the bed of their pickup). Aspen really loves stuffed animals, so he started talking to the girl about her husky. They were very nice (and a little drunk). We chatted with them until we got through the line, with Aspen continuing to go back and forth… in the end, it was the girl, Jessica, who convinced him to try the rollercoaster. He rode with her, and afterwards, she gave him the dog for being so brave! Not only did he have a great time on the Wild Thing, I think her giving him the stuffed dog was the icing on the cake to his day! After that, he didn’t even think twice about going on the Corkscrew! That was the ride that, as a kid, I was terrified to go on! I cried the whole way through the hour wait in line when my Dad was going to make me ride it. In the end, I took the Chicken Exit. When I finally tried it, I loved it! I think he had the same experience.

Dysin,8, was a little different. He WANTED to do a lot of rides, but he wasn’t quite tall enough for some of them. Luckily, he was still able to go on several rides “with” an adult! He had no worries about the coasters. When we got buckled into the Corkscrew, he said to me, “I might close my eyes, and I might scream some!” I told him that it was OK, I probably would too! As soon as we got back on the flat part at the end, he said, “I just got over my fear of heights!” We may have created quite a little thrill-seeker in that one!

Nikolai wasn’t big on rides that went off the ground, so he sat a few out. That was OK with us.

One of the coolest things about the day, was the bonding that happened. The day started with Dysin and I having a full hour with just the 2 of us awake. We spent the hour talking, and looking at the pictures I was uploading from my camera. The whole day, he was my little Buddy. He went on almost every ride with me. When we were walking around, he was holding my hand most of the time (though a few times, I suspect it was so I wouldn’t hold his Dad’s hand)!

I also got a chance to really see Jason, the Dad, in action! I loved watching him holding his sons’ hands, giving hugs, etc. It’s hard to fake being a good parent for 11 1/2 hours. I love watching him Father his kids. He is firm, but loving with them, and his kids listen and respect him. We had very few issues the whole day. When we did, we dealt with them, and moved on. His kids knew what the expectations are, and for the most part, follow them…

Spending the day with him and his kids without mine there was nice. I was able to just watch and be, without the distraction of keeping tabs on my kids too. I know how crazy it is when we get all 5 kids together, but with just the 3, I was able to get a new perspective…


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