Letting go of “Perfect”

Wow – after accidentally posting this instead of hitting “save draft”, I wonder how I will live up to the hype it’s created!?! Today has become a day with lots of views on my blog – with a blank post. It’s almost comical! My mistake though, kind of fits into the idea behind this post…

For 33 years, I have been a bit of a perfectionist. Looking at my house, or my counter top in my classroom, you would never know it (or agree). But, it’s true. I also tend to be a procrastinator. Know what that means? I stress and stress to get things done at the last minute, only to expect it to be perfect. Often, when it’s not, I start over, or rehash whatever I am working on at the last minute. Heck, I edit my blog at least 4 times before I publish each post (with the exception of today).

The truth is, I’m not perfect. I just need to accept that! I am not a perfect daughter. I am not a perfect teacher. I am not a perfect role model. I am not a perfect mother. I was not a perfect wife (if I was, I wouldn’t be divorced, I would have just smiled through the crap, like June Cleaver). What else?? I am not a perfect sister. I am not a perfect aunt. I am not a perfect employee. I am not a perfect girlfriend. I am not a perfect neighbor. I am not a perfect dog owner. Ok… get my drift?

It sounds like I am being negative today, but really, just trying to define some of my many roles in life, and reiterate (mostly to myself), I AM NOT PERFECT! You know what? I am ok with that! I have decided, I am going to let go of trying to be perfect. Only one person was perfect – Jesus. I can’t compete with Him! I am simply going to do the best I can do, and be the best person I can be! That’s all anyone can do, right? There will always be critics out there. I don’t have to please everyone else. I need to do what I think is best for my kids. I will run my class how I think is going to most benefit the children in my care. I will be myself, 100%.

Letting go of being perfect does not close the doors on leaving room for improvement. I am ALWAYS open to finding room to grow, ways to make things better. I recently had my evaluation at work. Overall, pretty good, but as there should be, there were a couple areas I could grow. I welcome feedback to help me become a better person (even if I resist a little at first, I AM listening and processing it). I am also always open to new ideas of things to do in my classroom, and ways to make things run more smoothly. I read parenting books and articles to learn how to better parent my kids. I am not going to look in the mirror and expect to see that perfect body, I am going to try to just be happy with how it is. I will work on getting it the way I want it to be without complaining (though, this is going to be the hardest one)… There’s a saying, “If you aren’t willing to do anything about it, it’s not worth complaining about”.

I encourage you to let go of Perfect. Be satisfied with who you are today, and strive to make it better. Know that perfect is impossible, but better is always achievable..


3 thoughts on “Letting go of “Perfect”

  1. Jason Strate says:

    Pretty damn close to a perfect girlfriend. And since it take two to tango – a perfect wife could still end up divorced.

  2. Sarah S. says:

    Our boss wrote a letter to the staff recently that fit well with this post. With his permission, I am posting an excerpt from this letter.

    “I believe God does not require us to be perfect, but to always be reflecting on how we can improve ourselves…. I know God places people in my life to continually change who I am. I also believe that our relationship with Jesus shows us a way of living that changes us from the inside out, to be good people from who good things naturally flow. We learn to be human from Jesus’ words and life. I challenge you to answer this question: What are you storing in your heart?”

    “No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thornbushes, or grapes from briers. The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” -Luke 6:43-44

    What a timely letter! Makes me appreciate that I work at a Christian Child Care Center, where we don’t have to hide our faith!

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