Dog Neurosis

It’s no secret, my dog is a bit of a spaz! Here is a list of some of his many neurosis:

1. Refusal to eat or drink while he’s in the laundry room during the day.

2. Refusal to eat until I bring his food/water dish out of the laundry room, back into the entry way where he usually eats.

3. Taking laundry (or his blanket) and covering up his water dish. This usually results in said items being soaked, and getting the floor wet! His new thing is to do the same with kleenex, toilet paper, or dryer lint. Weirdo!

4. Freaking out at dogs barking, cats meowing, or a doorbell ringing on TV.

5. Freaking out at squirrels on the deck.

6. Insisting on chewing on his bone on top of the clean clothes I am folding (or “hiding” his bone in the clean clothes folded in the laundry basket, and then having to “find” it to chew on it!

7. Related, but not quite, laying on freshly washed clothes that I am folding, and/or diving at stacks of clean towels stacked up. This often results in me having to re-wash clothes! Argh!

8. Often getting scared when he sees his tail out of the corner of his eye.

9. Sometimes, when he is cleaning himself, he tries to put on “lipstick” (and enjoys it WAY too much).

10. When he is at the patio door, waiting to come in, he can/will jump about 3 ft straight in the air

11. His incessant whining… all the time… in the car, when he’s outside, when he wants to go anywhere, when he sees something on TV, when there are people within sight or sound of him, when he goes in the laundry room so we can go anywhere… get the idea???

12. His running “laps” around the house at bedtime. We always laugh, because he’s such a spaz! If we even move, he will take off running another lap of the house.

13. His rubbing his nose on the carpet, and then rolling around on his back.

14. Chasing his tail in circles for 10 minutes at a time. Then, when he finally catches it, he’s determined to pull it… not really realizing it’s attached.

15. If someone is sitting on the couch, he’ll sit there and bump your hand over and over with his nose to try to get you to pet him. If you ignore him long enough, he’ll start to use his paw to try to get your attention.

16. He’s got to spend his first 5 minutes of seeing someone, sniffing them to determine where they’ve been, if they saw any other animals, etc.

Yeah… some of you think this may be typical dog behavior. Just like some people are just “special”… Duke is “special” in the same way!! At least he provides us with some good entertainment!!


One thought on “Dog Neurosis

  1. Jason Strate says:

    #9 is probably the most disturbing

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