A Week Without Internet – sort of

Remember what life was like before we had the internet? Neither do I! Well, actually, I do… First of all, we had to use the phone to talk to people. People didn’t have cell phones back then. In most cases, there was one phone line in each house, which was usually taken over by the teenagers who lived there. If you wanted to share news with people who lived far away, you had to write a letter and mail it to them (long-distance phone calls were expensive). To get information on any given topic, you actually had to read books to do your research. Magazines usually offered more current product information, or you had to actually talk to people to get their opinions… If we wanted to watch a show on TV, we had to wait until it was scheduled to be on (like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, or, of course, any of the Peanuts specials). If you had the timing just right, you could record the show with your VCR to watch it again and again. Usually, VCR timers didn’t quite work right. If you set the timer to record something, you had to cross your fingers, or you might miss the show after all.

In some ways, life seemed simpler then. In other ways, looking back, it seems as though life should have been much more complicated! We have all the information we need (and a bunch we don’t), right at our finger tips! Most everyone is available by cell phone at any time. If you don’t feel like talking in real life, you can text, IM (that’s Instant Messaging, in case you didn’t know), or email… Heck, the first several months of my fiancé and I reconnecting (after 11 or so years), we IM’d back and forth. That was partly me just being a chicken, partly me being too wiped to “talk” at the end of the day. IM makes communicating easy. It makes keeping in touch simple – it doesn’t wake up the kids, and you can have several conversations going at once. While you are chatting, you can watch the shows you DVR’d that week, write a blog, and balance your checkbook! Talk about the ultimate in multi-tasking!

About a week ago, I lost my cable and internet connection. Talk about feeling disconnected! I didn’t know what anyone was up to! Yep, I’m nosy like that – I love my social networking sites! I couldn’t watch my shows (well, mostly just Days of Our Lives). I couldn’t even watch Netflix through my Wii, because I didn’t have internet… Luckily, my cell phone is set up to set my Facebook status, and to Tweet. I was loving Twitter’s new feature, in that I got texts any time someone replied to or mentioned me. I could still text, but only people who’s cell phone numbers I had. I couldn’t work on my blog… I had to watch movies the “almost” old fashioned way – by putting in the DVD. No, I don’t own a VCR any more, so I wasn’t watching tapes!

Here’s what I was able to accomplish by not being connected to my computer for a week: I got all of my Fall decorations down, and most of my Christmas decorations up. I was able to go through papers that I have been avoiding for WAY too long. I got some cleaning done (though, I still have a ways to go). I was also able to catch up on some much needed sleep! I’m not sure if it was the tummy bug I was fighting off, the fact that I work with little kids, or what, but I was SO tired this week! I was in bed by 9 every night. I must have needed it!

As much as I love being able to be connected to the world, I felt like I accomplished some things by not staying attached to the computer. For one week, it was OK, but I would not choose to have no cable and internet for much longer than that!


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