Govin’s Farm of Babies

What a great time with the kids at Govin’s Farm in Menomonie, WI, today! At $5.50/person it wasn’t a super cheap family activity, but not bad either – they have to feed all those animals somehow! Michael had gone there last year with his preschool class, but Grace and missed it (they are only open to the public for 3 weekends). I was looking forward to taking the kids there this year. I think farms are such a great experience for kids…

We got there, and parked what felt like forever away. Grace said it would help me to get some walking in… About halfway to the farm, was a horse-drawn wagon with cushy seats bringing people to the lamb barn. The kids enjoyed the short wagon ride! We got inside the barn, and there were two huge crates of baby chicks. There were new ones, and ones that were slightly older. The kids each held one of the babies. It was kind of neat to see the babies at the stage where they are all down, and then some when their feathers are starting to come in.

There was a pen with a 400 lb pig and her piglets. Six of the piglets were all pink, one was brown. They were very cute! All the babies were nursing, and Michael said, “Mom, they’re eating the big one!” I had to laugh! I explained that they were drinking their Mommy’s milk. The piglets would drink a bit, then fall asleep at the teet.. then drink a little more… Grace held one of the piglets, but it was pretty squirmy. She didn’t hold it very long, just long enough for a picture.

Everywhere you looked in the barn, there were sheep and their lambs. We were REALLY hoping to get to see a lamb being born, but none were in labor while we were there. Some of the sheep were a bit moody when it came to their babies, but many of the lambs came out to be held. Both of my kids held one, and thought it was really cool. They really liked watching all the babies follow their moms around, nursing, etc.

Govin’s barn also had pygmy goats and their babies, a couple of steers, and ponies. Both kids rode a pony. It was Michael’s first time on a pony ride. He did great! Inside their red barn, they had concessions, and a small shop. A woman was in the shop showing the steps from fleece to yarn. Grace was really interested in watching her spin the wool into thread.

We were only there for a couple of hours, but we had a really good time. Govin’s lambing barn is open every year on the last 2 weekends of March, and the first weekend of April.


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