One Dedicated Mama

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I visited the paradise in Northern MN that is his family’s “cabin.” We were there with our 5 kids, my hubby’s 2 nephews, his Mom, and his grandparents (who live there). Every night, a mama duck and her 8 babies came up near the docks, where the kids would feed them. The 9 ducks would then sleep on the beach every night.

On the second or third day, my dog was checking out the ducks. He was afraid to jump off the dock, but finally, after running back and forth from the dock to the shoreline several times, he jumped in from the shore, and swam after them.

The Mama duck quacked at her babies. They swam in one direction, she swam in another. Duke followed the Mama. The dog who wouldn’t swim more than a few feet out before that, followed her 3 docks away. He got fairly close to her, and then she flew back over a dock and headed back in our direction. Duke turned and followed her. He continued to follow her back across the other direction. By this point, we were getting concerned. We were all calling his name, but his instincts had kicked in. Nothing was going to stop him. Finally, one of the boys jumped in the lake, and grabbed Duke by the collar. He had to literally drag the dog in to shore to take his attention off the Mama duck.

Watching this whole scenario made me think about two things:

1. That Mama duck was amazing! She would stop at nothing to protect her babies. She’d swim the dog to death or risk her own life to keep them safe. I wondered how many of us do that for our kids? Would we ACTUALLY risk our own lives for our kids? I’d like to think the answer is yes.

2. Duke’s focus on going after that duck was so intense. I have no idea what he would do with her if he were to catch her, but he was determined. Imagine if we were like that. Better yet, what if we could teach our children to be like that? Focus on a goal, and go after it, no matter what!

When’s the last time you displayed one of those characteristics??


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