Wii vs XBox 360 – Part Deux

About 9 months ago, I wrote a couple of blog posts comparing Wii and XBox 360. Now that my family and I have spent even more time with both, I thought I’d do a follow up.

Since Christmas of last year, our Wii seems to be used less and less. The kids still use it to play MySims, and MarioKart. My daughter still loves to play Band Hero on the Wii (because she can play as Taylor Swift). The MySims and Mario games are not available on XBox, so I do not see the kids completely moving to that system. Games such as Halo Reach, the Lego series (Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars III, etc.), RPGs, and more are played more often in our household. These games are played almost exclusively on the XBox here. I think the fact that the kids each of their own profiles, points, and achievements has a lot to do with it.

I have discovered more reasons to put the XBox a bit higher than the Wii. The XBox can play DVD’s. After I was divorced, I borrowed a friend’s extra DVD player. Once I got my XBox 360, I gave the DVD player back. I loved that I could eliminate an extra electronic device, and still watch movies.

Recently, I was making my Christmas cookies, and wanted to listen to some music to set the mood. I couldn’t find the music channels on cable. I decided to see if I could listen to one of my Christmas CD’s on the XBox. Guess what? It worked! I was so stoked! I spent the day baking, and listening to festive music. When I got tired of the same CD, I pulled out the computer and put on Pandora. Now, if I could get all my cable channels, DVR, and the internet (including Pandora) through the XBox, it just might be perfect!


2 thoughts on “Wii vs XBox 360 – Part Deux

  1. Cherre says:

    Another great Xbox thing, for music I use my iPod cord and hook it right into an Xbox USB port, there it not only charges your iPod, but enabled it to be played thru the television via the Xbox dashboard. I love our 360, and I’m more of a computer gamer. I also got rid of my DVD player after getting a 360.

  2. Sarah S. says:

    Cherre – thanks! Didn’t even think of that. Guess I’ll have to put some Christmas music on my MP3 player and do that next time.

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