“Heard in the Classroom” – Part 2

This year, Miss Kim and I have many of the children in our 4 year old class that we had in our 3 year old class last year. I have LOVED having so many of them return! Some of the children with quotes in my last edition of this post have returned, and are equally as entertaining this year. We also have about 50 new preschoolers who are equally as entertaining.

One girl, who is now 4, got super excited when we were doing “The Freeze” by Greg & Steve. She said, “This is my favorite!” Then she asked me if we could do her other favorite. I asked her what it was, and she said, “The Sexy Lady” song. I started laughing, and told her that no, we wouldn’t be doing that song in preschool.

We had Parent Days in our classroom. One of the little girls was talking to her Mom and I about how whenever her mom goes to work, Dad brings her and her sister to Grandma’s house. Mom asked why they go there so much. The little girl told her mom it was so he can play video games with her uncle, and the girls can play with Grandma. The mom didn’t think it was too funny, but I was definitely cracking up! Kids bust their parents to us all the time, but to have them bust one parent to the other in front of us? I couldn’t help but laugh – I think it gave her mom some insight on the things we hear about fairly often.

A 4 year old girl told me the other day (out of the blue), “I don’t wear my helmet when I ride my bike.” I told her she should always wear a helmet when she rides her bike. She said, “It’s OK Miss Sarah, I always ride safe.”

A 4 year old girl came up to me after I got my hair cut, and asked where Miss Sarah was. I told her I was right here. She said, “No you’re not, you lost your ponytail!”

Sometimes, we have very touching moments in our classroom. It was show and tell week, I had asked the children to bring in pictures of their families to show. A boy in our class brought a picture of his dad receiving his U.S. Cititzenship (from just the night before). There was so much pride in the little boy’s voice as he talked about it, it got me a little choked up!

We all have those children in our class that require just a little more energy than the rest of the group. I love to see those children playing in the Dramatic Play area, doing things like rocking one of the baby dolls, “feeding them,” etc. It never fails to melt my heart!

One of my favorite times in the classroom, is during free play, when a child sits on “my chair” and plays teacher. They ask me if they can use the pointer I use, they ask if they can wear my “necklace” (a lanyard with picture symbols to remind children of the rules), they’ll go over and count the numbers on the calendar, and they hold up a book and pretend to read it. It’s especially fun when a group of children sit down in the “circle area” and play school with them. Every once in a while, we get a “teacher” that gets mean and yells at the other kids, “Hey, sit down. Right now!” I sure hope I never sound like that!

A 4 year old girl with a very runny nose proclaimed to me that she had “the suds.” We think she might have meant “The Crud”, but it gave us a good laugh!

I asked a 3 year old boy if he had turkey on Thanksgiving, he replied with “No, I had bologna, I don’t like turkey.”

In our class of 4-5 year olds, we have some very creative children. It’s fun to watch them play in our Dramatic Play area. A group of them decided they were going to have a “special meeting” and that they needed tickets. They all walked over to the block area, where the meeting was apparently to be held. One girl, who tends to be the leader often, sat in a chair, while the others sat on the floor, intently listening to whatever she was telling them. I moved closer to see if she was telling a story or what, and she was saying, “I’d like to introduce you to our newest cop.” She asked the boy to stand up, she introduced him, and had everyone say hello. It was very creative, and very cute how they were all into it!

A 3 year old boy proudly proclaimed that his dad worked at Caribou after seeing me take a drink of my coffee (which was from Caribou). I told him his dad must smell good when he gets home from work. He replied with, “No, he smells like coffee.”

Whenever I have my hair down, it gets a little wild. The children in our classroom never hesitate to tell me when my hair looks “crazy”! Gotta love their honesty!


3 thoughts on ““Heard in the Classroom” – Part 2

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