Girls Playing with Blocks

I love when I look in our block area, and I see girls working to construct masterpieces. Maybe because it goes against the norm, which is that the block area is usually filled with boys.

Preschoolers never cease to amaze me with their ingenuity. I have seen children make all kinds of things out of blocks. They build walls, roads, castles, “buildings,” you name it, they’ve probably tried to construct it. I just love their creativity!

Today, we read the book Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner. The children led a wonderful discussion about seeing bones in the museum. Some of them didn’t think the Brachiosaurus bones could fit in a museum, some of them had seen dinosaur bones in a museum. One page of the book had a boy looking up at a huge skeleton. The children gave all sorts of commentary on how the boy thought the skeleton was going to fall over, etc. It was one of those moments where, as a teacher, you let them go with their discussion. It related to the story, made them think about it on a deeper level, and enhanced other children’s understanding.

580Later in our class period, it was free choice time. A group of three girls were working really hard to make something. They plotted it all out ahead of time through discussion, then put their plan into action. Imagine my surprise when they excitedly called me over to see their museum! They used blocks to make the structure of the building, then used smaller blocks to create a defined area for each of the dinosaurs to be on display. They took the people out of the doll house area, along with some furniture, and had the people in the museum looking at the dinosaurs. It was VERY cool!!!


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