Why I Like Parent/Teacher Conferences

This past week, I did preschool conferences with 59 parents in 3 days. There would have been at least 15 more, but Tuesday was a Snow Day. Those conferences are in process of being rescheduled for the week after Spring Break.

I really enjoy having the opportunity to meet with the parents one on one. I enjoy hearing how things are going at home, and I enjoy being able to share all the great things their children are doing in preschool. I enjoy being able to give parents ideas of things they can be doing at home to expand on what we are doing at school. My favorites part is when I get to show them just how far their children have come since September.

As teachers, we know that some conferences are going to be tougher than others. It’s hard to be the one to tell a parent if their children have difficulty listening, focusing, or following rules. Even more difficult is when you have concerns about where they are at in comparison to other children their age. There are always positive things to say, that is where I strive to spend most of the 15 minutes I have with them.

Conference time is not only a great time to touch base on how the children are doing, it’s also nice to hear the parents’ take on how we as teachers, and our program is doing. I love hearing the parents say things like, “You really know my kid.” and “Yup, we see the same things at home.” It’s nice to know there is consistency between school and home!

While conference week can be a lot of work to prepare for, and exhausting to get through, it is also a wonderful week. By the end of the week, I feel so affirmed thanks to the many compliments I receive about our classroom, my co-teacher and I, and our program as a whole. I hope the parents feel just as good about their children and the wonderful things they are doing to prepare for kindergarten and a lifetime of learning.


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