Kids Say the Darndest Things…

Here’s the late-winter edition of things kids say that make me laugh…

A girl in our 4-5 year old class told me that she does plays in a local theater. This was news to me, so I was asking her about it. She told me that since she’s 4 now, she gets to learn lines. She told me all about how excited she was to finally have lines in the show, etc. When I later asked her mom about it, I found out she had made the whole thing up! WOW – she sure fooled me!! How does a kid come up with so many accurate details?!?

I’ve been having an issue with my dryer shrinking clothes lately. That, on top of gaining a few pounds, pulls out the honesty in preschoolers. The other day, we were doing some stretches at the beginning of class to wake up our bodies… one of the preschoolers told me my belly was getting bigger (and no, I’m not pregnant). The upside? Motivation to start working out again!

A 5 year old girl noticed my wedding ring the other day. She said “Oh, a diamond ring – it’s nice. It looks just like the one I have!” LOL – I certainly hope no preschooler has a ring as nice as a wedding ring! That would require some serious spoiling!

On March 19th, a boy came and said, “Tomorrow’s the first day of summer, and there’s still gonna be snow!” I groaned and said, “Well, tomorrow’s the first day of Spring, but I certainly hope there’s not still snow on the first day of summer!” He asked why not, I told him that would make me sad. He shrugged and went on with whatever else he was doing.

NO more winter updates!!! I’m tired of snow, I’m tired of cold… on to spring and summer fun! 🙂

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