Spring Edition: Things Heard in the Classroom 2013

Last week, we finished another year of preschool. As usual, the children in our class kept us laughing, right up until the time they walked out the door ready to move up to the 4-5 year old preschool class, or ready to head to Kindergarten. I wish I had jotted down half the funny things they told us. Unfortunately, the days were so busy, that I didn’t get a chance.  Please feel free to add your own cute/funny things kids have said to you recently.


We were shaking maracas, and one 5 year old said, “Look, Miss Sarah, your arm is shaking!” I just told her that’s ’cause I ate too many cookies! Gotta love their honesty!

We had our 3-4 year old graduation program. It was one of a very few days that I actually dressed up. One of the 4 year old boys asked me (in front of all the parents, as we were getting ready to sing for them), “What’s that purple stuff on your eyes?” I told him it was makeup. He asked me why I was wearing makeup. I responded with, “Don’t you think I should dress up for school SOMETIMES?” His response? “No!”


We are certainly going to miss the funny stories, the adorable giggles, the belly laughs, and even the chattiness of our preschoolers. This was an especially fantastic year. I can’t wait to see what next year will hold!


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