#Kinderblog13 Warm Up

I’m writing the warm up for #Kinderblog13 after the first post, but better late than never!

Directions were: “What do you do, why do you do it, how do you do it, for how long have you been doing it, where do you do it? What do you BELIEVE about what you do? How do you FEEL about what you do? You only have 250 words, so use them well.”

What I do is teach preschool, as I have for about 13 years. I do it because I love young children, and I love watching them learn new things. I love their excitement for life and the world around them.
I couldn’t do it without the wonderful assistant teacher I work with. We do it by doing our best to immerse the children in our classroom in an exciting world. We invite them to explore all the areas in our room. From the theme in Dramatic Play, to the books on our shelves, to the coloring sheets in the writing center, and toys on the Manipulatives shelf; we want children to have every opportunity possible to explore different aspects of what we are learning about.

I believe that this total immersion allows children to learn as much as possible about our theme/topic. It makes me feel good to watch them learn, explore, and enjoy life. Here’s a longer post I wrote about it in the past!


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