#Kinderblog13 – Dream

Oops, I guess I am a week behind on the Kinderblog13 challenge. Oops! Last week’s one word prompt is Dream

Boy, that one can be loaded! I could write about my dreams for my kids, my dreams for my students, my dreams for my career, my dreams for my classroom… which to choose???

OK, here goes. My dream job would be to work at Disney World! I know by the time I would even be able to attempt to make that happen, I  would be too old to be a princess (though, maybe the Step Mother?).

DisneyWorld Day1 002I love Disney, and I love children. Why wouldn’t I want to work there??? Disney World has always been a magical place for me. I remember going there as a kid. I think I loved it even more when I went back with my own kids a few years ago. My daughter was 7, and doubting how “real” certain characters in costume were. Not for a minute did she doubt that any of the characters she met at Disney World were real. We went to character lunches every day, waited in the not very long lines for autographs, and loved every minute of our time there.

The second time I went back to Disney World as an adult was on my honeymoon 2 years ago. We first did a Disney Cruise (sans kids – so nice). We went to most of the parks, got lots of pictures taken, and had a great time! It’s different not seeing it through the eyes of a child, but still as wonderful as always.

I want to be a part of making that magic come alive for other people. For children, families, and adults. Some day…. maybe some day…


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