Our Cute Kiddos

We have an adorable group of preschoolers this year. Once again, I’ll be posting some of the funny, quirky, or just downright cute things they say through the year.

One day, I was sitting at the art table. One 4 year old boy asked me, “Miss Sarah, why don’t you guys do this cool stuff?” I asked him what he meant. His reply was, “Do you play when we leave?” If only we could! If only life were so simple as to wonder why everyone wasn’t playing, because that’s what our world revolved around… 🙂

We have a 4 year old girl who loves Spiderman! She has a Spiderman backpack, and wears a Hello Kitty locket with a note inside that says, “I love Spiderman.” I love when parents encourage their girls to love Super Heroes just as much as Princesses (and vice versa)! This is the second year in a row that we’ve had a girl who loved Spiderman so much (and it’s not the same girl).

On the same note, a former co-worker of mine let her little boy dress as Maxarella. It was an unexpected costume from a boy who is usually decked out in his sports gear! He made a beautiful princess, and according to pictures, wore it proudly!  Way to let kids be kids!! 🙂

A 5 year old boy told us he wasn’t going to come to school any more. When Miss Kim asked him why, he said, “Because you always make me draw.” Apparently, he doesn’t like when we do journals at school. He has also told us the same thing because we make him write his name too much. He hasn’t quit yet, so maybe we’re getting somewhere? 😉

A 4 year old girl who joined us late last year as a 3 year old, and barely ever spoke has found her voice. She doesn’t talk often, but when she does, she has loooong stories to share! This past week, it started with, “There’s somethin’ fishy going on at my house. My shoes weren’t in the shoe pile, they were downstairs, and I don’t know how they got there.” The story went on as to how she discovered said shoes downstairs, and how she put them in the shoe pile… I have no idea where this random story came from at the snack table, but it was quite amusing!

At the snack table, with our three year olds, we were talking one day about whether or not they were in any sports. Some kids said they play soccer, some are in dance. One girl said “I play Barbies with my Mommy and Daddy.” I asked her if she did anything else, like maybe dance class or soccer. Her matter of fact response? “I do gymnastics, and I play Barbies.”Apparently, this is now a sport in the 3 year old scene! 😉

In our program, we use the Second Step social-emotional curriculum. After some issues with the puppets last year, I was introducing new puppets. Our morning class gets the privilege of naming the puppets. Last year (or maybe two years ago), they came up with the names Jack and Jill. The new puppets are Billy, and… well, we couldn’t exactly agree on a girls’ name. I suggested Maria. One boy got really upset. He said, “We can’t call her Maria, that’s our house cleaner’s name!” He has since, mostly gotten over the fact that our puppet has the same name as the maid.

Many of the children in our classes have a hard time understanding that we are not only teachers, but parents too. One boy who we’ve had for 2 years totally gets it. When I’ve been gone because one of my kids is sick, he has been known to ask how my kid was doing upon my return. One day, after I demonstrated art, he asked me what I was going to do with my art. He asked, “Are you going to take it home to show your kids?” He was so sincere, I thought it would break his heart to know I usually throw mine away. I don’t remember exactly how I responded, but I remember thinking I should be careful with how I respond.

What fun or quirky things have you heard the little ones in your life say?


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