Spring 2016 Classroom Quotes

I started this post last spring, and didn’t realize I never published it! Here are some cute things we heard in our preschool class last spring:

One 5 year old girl said to me one day as we were playing in the sensory table: “Um, Miss Sarah, I hate to tell you this, but I think your hair dye is running out.” (As if I didn’t know my roots were showing.)

A 3 year old girl said to me one day: “You better cut your nails, they’re getting kinda long.” Who knew preschoolers were the hygiene police?!?

We were playing a game with dice. Each time a 5 year old boy would roll, he would blow on his dice. I asked him why he does that. He answered, “I don’t know, ’cause some of my family dos that.”

We were watching a video about the letter Xx. Then we were asking the children if they remember any of the words from the video. One of the boys said, “mixa”… it took us a minute to realize, that he heard “mixer” with an accent, so that’s how he said it. haha

Kids are good at reminding us we need to be specific. We were drawing in journals about signs of spring. One child started drawing a stop sign, another started drawing other yard signs…


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