A Conversation with a Three Year Old

This was an actual conversation that happened at preschool yesterday with a three year old boy. We were standing in the bathroom in our classroom, he had a little BM in his pull-up. I was helping him get cleaned up. I’ll call him S (for Student)…

S: “Don’t get in my butt cheeks.”

Me: “Well, I have to get it all… when you have to poop, you can just tell the teacher and go to the bathroom…”

S: “No, it’s too hard.”

Me: “Well, maybe you need to drink more water.”

S (after looking at me like I was nuts): “Water makes you pee.”

Me: “But sometimes, if it’s hard to poop, you can drink more water, and it might help soften your poop up so it doesn’t hurt.”

S: “Blasted goldfish make me poop. I don’t like them, ’cause I don’t like to.”

Me: “I don’t like flavor blasted goldfish either.”

S: “You should try the regular ones, they’re really good!”


Yes, this conversation is pretty much word for word how it happened. I just have to laugh at the seriousness of this preschooler was in his statements. What also cracked me up, was the complete randomness of the direction of the conversation. I hope it gave you the same chuckle it gave me!


Our Cute Kiddos

We have an adorable group of preschoolers this year. Once again, I’ll be posting some of the funny, quirky, or just downright cute things they say through the year.

One day, I was sitting at the art table. One 4 year old boy asked me, “Miss Sarah, why don’t you guys do this cool stuff?” I asked him what he meant. His reply was, “Do you play when we leave?” If only we could! If only life were so simple as to wonder why everyone wasn’t playing, because that’s what our world revolved around… 🙂

We have a 4 year old girl who loves Spiderman! She has a Spiderman backpack, and wears a Hello Kitty locket with a note inside that says, “I love Spiderman.” I love when parents encourage their girls to love Super Heroes just as much as Princesses (and vice versa)! This is the second year in a row that we’ve had a girl who loved Spiderman so much (and it’s not the same girl).

On the same note, a former co-worker of mine let her little boy dress as Maxarella. It was an unexpected costume from a boy who is usually decked out in his sports gear! He made a beautiful princess, and according to pictures, wore it proudly!  Way to let kids be kids!! 🙂

A 5 year old boy told us he wasn’t going to come to school any more. When Miss Kim asked him why, he said, “Because you always make me draw.” Apparently, he doesn’t like when we do journals at school. He has also told us the same thing because we make him write his name too much. He hasn’t quit yet, so maybe we’re getting somewhere? 😉

A 4 year old girl who joined us late last year as a 3 year old, and barely ever spoke has found her voice. She doesn’t talk often, but when she does, she has loooong stories to share! This past week, it started with, “There’s somethin’ fishy going on at my house. My shoes weren’t in the shoe pile, they were downstairs, and I don’t know how they got there.” The story went on as to how she discovered said shoes downstairs, and how she put them in the shoe pile… I have no idea where this random story came from at the snack table, but it was quite amusing!

At the snack table, with our three year olds, we were talking one day about whether or not they were in any sports. Some kids said they play soccer, some are in dance. One girl said “I play Barbies with my Mommy and Daddy.” I asked her if she did anything else, like maybe dance class or soccer. Her matter of fact response? “I do gymnastics, and I play Barbies.”Apparently, this is now a sport in the 3 year old scene! 😉

In our program, we use the Second Step social-emotional curriculum. After some issues with the puppets last year, I was introducing new puppets. Our morning class gets the privilege of naming the puppets. Last year (or maybe two years ago), they came up with the names Jack and Jill. The new puppets are Billy, and… well, we couldn’t exactly agree on a girls’ name. I suggested Maria. One boy got really upset. He said, “We can’t call her Maria, that’s our house cleaner’s name!” He has since, mostly gotten over the fact that our puppet has the same name as the maid.

Many of the children in our classes have a hard time understanding that we are not only teachers, but parents too. One boy who we’ve had for 2 years totally gets it. When I’ve been gone because one of my kids is sick, he has been known to ask how my kid was doing upon my return. One day, after I demonstrated art, he asked me what I was going to do with my art. He asked, “Are you going to take it home to show your kids?” He was so sincere, I thought it would break his heart to know I usually throw mine away. I don’t remember exactly how I responded, but I remember thinking I should be careful with how I respond.

What fun or quirky things have you heard the little ones in your life say?

Kids Who Make me Laugh

One of my favorite things about being a preschool teacher is listening to what children have to say. Little ones are incredibly funny! Often times, they don’t mean to be, but when they tell you things they are absolutely sure is the truth, and they obviously can’t be, they are very entertaining.

Here are a couple of examples of things I heard at the end of the last school year that made me laugh:

4 year old girl – “I went to the moon one time. We went in a rocket ship and we bounced really high in our space suits.” When I asked if that was a dream, she said, “No, it REALLY happened. I went with my mom and my brother!”

3 year old girl looking all sad – “I wanted to go to the moon, but my mom doesn’t have a spaceship.” I told her maybe when she was older she’d be able to go to the moon. She looked at me as if I were stupid, and said, “No, I’m going to be a COP!”


This summer, I have had the privilege of working at Lakeshore Learning. If you aren’t familiar with this store, many people refer to it as Disneyland for teachers. I have also heard teachers refer to it as their “candy store.” It is a dangerous place to work, because I am daily seeing many things I want for my classroom. That said, I get a great discount, and will be slowly adding items here and there.

Anyway, we often have children coming in with their parents.  One day, a 5 year old boy came in to the store with his mom. This boy had the entire store laughing! He is sure to be a stand up comedian some day. He also was sure that everything he was telling us was true. He told us all about his restaurant he owned called “Andover, New York.” The specials usually consist of “recipe soup”, but is different on Fridays when the other chef is there. He told me I should go in on Friday to try the other chef’s specials, because he is a much better cook. Then he told me that I should go at lunch time on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday if I want the recipe soup special. Instead of begging for everything in the store (like many children do), he told his mom (who was looking at educational items to help him with his reading), to stop looking at the “lame stuff”, and to please come look at the toys he wanted. At least he was polite about it, right? 😉


What would this world be without laughter? A pretty boring place! Instead of being annoyed by children’s “fantasies” they are spinning, try to enjoy them, laugh with them, and you will find your heart feels a little bit lighter.

Moments in the Classroom – Winter 2014

The children in our preschool classes make me smile! From time to time, I like to share a glimpse into cute or funny moments. Sometimes, I like to share things just to give you an idea of how a preschooler’s brain works. Enjoy!

The other day, I was chatting with one of our 4 year old boys. I asked him if he had any pets. He said he had a cat. I asked what the cat’s name was, and he replied, “Well… Stinky’s kind of dead right now…” YIKES!

When I was doing our winter assessments, I was testing a child on his letters. In the Fall, he was only able to identify one letter, the first letter in his name. This time, he identified 18 letters. He was so excited, he actually cheered when I told him how many he knew! If only every child got that excited about learning!

I was assessing a 4 year old boy on his letters. Every time we’d get to a letter that was in his name (both lower case and upper case versions), he would say, “Give me a minute.” Then, he turned his back to me, and looked down at his name tag (we happened to have the children wearing them, due to adult volunteers in the class). He’d go through the letters on his name tag, and say the letters to himself, until he hit the one I was asking him about. Then he’d turn around and say the letter. I couldn’t help but crack up. I had to give him props for using a strategy to help himself remember the letters.

I was chatting with a 5 year old boy. Out of the blue, he asked me, “Do you think there’s evil teachers?” I asked him what would make a teacher evil. He said, “They’d make you do hard things. Things like… a course, with alligators, and rocks, and things that go swoosh… you know, a shredder…. and a volcano, and sharks, and a rocket.” I love the imaginations of kids! 🙂

I was trying to get a shy 5 year old girl to chat with me. I asked if she liked being in our class again this year, she said, “Yes.” I asked her if she liked playing with her friend, A. She said, “Yes”. I asked if she liked having almost all boys in our class (we have 15 boys, and 3 girls), she smiled, and sheepishly said “NO!”

We have a 3 year old girl in our class that LOVES Spiderman! On Halloween, she wore a Spiderman costume. Not a girly version, but an actual Spiderman costume. On Pajama Day, she wore brand new Spiderman PJs. When she was Star of the Week, she brought in her stuffed pink dinosaur wearing a Spiderman outfit. I love that while she’s very “girly” in so many ways (like how she dresses on a daily basis), her Mom lets her be who she is. I love that she doesn’t try to girl up the love of Spiderman. Go Mom, go girl!! 🙂

I asked a 3 year old girl to count for me. I had 25 green pom poms on a strip, and told her to touch each one, and do her best to count them. She got up to 12, then said “16, E, O, D, B, N…” Those are the moments that show me how things get mixed up in their heads while they are learning so many new things.

One of our 3 year old boys has twin babies at home. I asked him how it was going with the babies. He said to me, “I love my baby K!” I asked what it was he loved about her. He got a really big smile on his face, and said, “I love her laugh!” So sweet! 🙂

Heard in the Classroom, Fall 2013 ed.

kids talkingNow that we have had our first snowfall, I guess I can publish my Fall edition of  “Things we’ve heard in the classroom.”

With a new school year, comes a new group of children. We have many 4 year olds that were in our class last year. They are sure to continue to entertain us with their many stories (such as the one girl who told us often last year, and has already mentioned several times this year, that her dog poops all over her house). Here is a sampling of some of the other things we have heard in our classroom.

A four year old boy was balancing 3 cups/saucers while walking. One of the teachers asked if he was a professional waiter. He looked at her with a look of disbelief, and said, “I don’t work!!” It was very funny!

A three year old boy who almost never talks, said to me at snack (totally out of the blue), “My dad and uncle and me killed a bird.” I knew it was hunting season, so I asked if they were hunting. He shrugged and said, “I don’t know.” I asked if he was by a lake. When he said yes,  I asked if he was hunting for geese or ducks. He said he didn’t know. I asked if it was a turkey. He said no. I asked if it was big or little, he said big. Funny how sometimes kids want to share things, but don’t have all the details.

I was doing an assessment on some 3 year olds to see what they knew about shapes. I held up a square for one boy, who quickly told me it was a square. I said, “Yeah! How do you know it’s a square?” He matter-of-factly told me it was because it was yellow. I have been told several times, by several different children that the square is a square because it’s yellow. I wish I knew where that line of thought came from! Other answers to the question “How do you know?” about different shapes have included: “Because my brain told me.”; “Because I just know.”; and another favorite that accompanied a look that said I was an idiot, was, “Everyone knows that’s a circle!”

A four year old boy was playing in Dramatic Play. When it was time to go work with a teacher, he said “I’m putting the baby in a purse.” I guess whatever works, right? 😉

A four year old boy was being picked up by his grandma the other day. I was looking at his information form to make sure I knew her name when I check her ID. I asked him, “Are you getting picked up by your Grandma Linda?” He got all excited, and said, “I have a Grandma Linda???” I then asked if he calls her Grandma _____________ (insert last name). He said, “Yeah, but some kids just call her ‘Chopped Liver’.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at that one! When I told her the story, she confirmed that yes, one of this boy’s 2 year old cousins, does in fact, call her “Chopped Liver”.

I was recently doing assessment testing with our 4-5 year olds. I sometimes enjoy doing this testing, because it really shows my a glimpse of what’s going on inside their brains. I also find it very interesting to hear how they count when you just ask them to count as high as they can. Some children don’t seem to realize they can just count without having to have something to count. Other children just keep counting, not realizing (or caring?) that they are repeating themselves over and over. On 5 year old boy was counting. He got into the 20’s, then it started to sound like this, “28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 80, 81, 82, 83…. 30, 31….” A 4 year old girl thought she was counting really high when she kept repeating the entire sequence of the 20’s over and over and over!

A 3 year old boy who LOVES to check our visual schedule several times a day, asked if he could use the pointer. I told him, “Sure.” Then he asked me, “When I grow up, can I be a teacher here, at this school?” I told him I thought that was a good idea. He told me, “You know, then you have to listen to me!”

Our morning three year old class has become slightly obsessed with a very fun action song called the “Tooty Ta”. Every day, when group time starts, they ask me if we can do “that Tooty Talk” song. Luckily, I have two versions, the traditional version that most Early Childhood teachers are familiar with, by Dr. Jean, and another hip hop version (or the “Funky Tooty Ta” as I call it), by Jack Hartmann.

A 3 year old girl was digging around in the “teacher cart” next to our circle area. I told her she could use my pointer, but that the rest of the cart was only for teachers. She looked at me, and matter of factly said, “You know, sharing is caring!” I told her I do care, but the cart is still just for teachers!

A 4 year old boy was using flannelboard pieces to retell the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill. He then told me his Leap Pad (I think) told him it goes like this: “Jack and Jill were playing inside the house. Grandma had enough, and told them to go play outside. They went out and went up the hill.” Then there was a part I couldn’t quite understand, something about Jill pushing Jack around…”Jack fell down, and broke his crown…. Jill went and called her mom, and she just laughed at her.”

Two boys were playing on the other side of the room. One is 4, and one is 5. I’m not sure which one said it, but as they were flying airplanes around, one of them said, “Maytag, Maytag… we’re losing attitude!” Not sure where they heard it, but pretty sure they were attempting to repeat, “May Day, May Day… we’re losing altitude!”

A three year old boy (who is obsessed with Angry Birds Star Wars 2), was excited to be playing with our new cash register. He scooped up all the toy coins, and said “Look at all these credits!”

I’m sure as the year goes on, I will have many more stories to share of funny things we’ve heard in either our 3-4 year old, or 4-5 year old classrooms!

Spring Edition: Things Heard in the Classroom 2013

Last week, we finished another year of preschool. As usual, the children in our class kept us laughing, right up until the time they walked out the door ready to move up to the 4-5 year old preschool class, or ready to head to Kindergarten. I wish I had jotted down half the funny things they told us. Unfortunately, the days were so busy, that I didn’t get a chance.  Please feel free to add your own cute/funny things kids have said to you recently.


We were shaking maracas, and one 5 year old said, “Look, Miss Sarah, your arm is shaking!” I just told her that’s ’cause I ate too many cookies! Gotta love their honesty!

We had our 3-4 year old graduation program. It was one of a very few days that I actually dressed up. One of the 4 year old boys asked me (in front of all the parents, as we were getting ready to sing for them), “What’s that purple stuff on your eyes?” I told him it was makeup. He asked me why I was wearing makeup. I responded with, “Don’t you think I should dress up for school SOMETIMES?” His response? “No!”


We are certainly going to miss the funny stories, the adorable giggles, the belly laughs, and even the chattiness of our preschoolers. This was an especially fantastic year. I can’t wait to see what next year will hold!

Kids Say the Darndest Things…

Here’s the late-winter edition of things kids say that make me laugh…

A girl in our 4-5 year old class told me that she does plays in a local theater. This was news to me, so I was asking her about it. She told me that since she’s 4 now, she gets to learn lines. She told me all about how excited she was to finally have lines in the show, etc. When I later asked her mom about it, I found out she had made the whole thing up! WOW – she sure fooled me!! How does a kid come up with so many accurate details?!?

I’ve been having an issue with my dryer shrinking clothes lately. That, on top of gaining a few pounds, pulls out the honesty in preschoolers. The other day, we were doing some stretches at the beginning of class to wake up our bodies… one of the preschoolers told me my belly was getting bigger (and no, I’m not pregnant). The upside? Motivation to start working out again!

A 5 year old girl noticed my wedding ring the other day. She said “Oh, a diamond ring – it’s nice. It looks just like the one I have!” LOL – I certainly hope no preschooler has a ring as nice as a wedding ring! That would require some serious spoiling!

On March 19th, a boy came and said, “Tomorrow’s the first day of summer, and there’s still gonna be snow!” I groaned and said, “Well, tomorrow’s the first day of Spring, but I certainly hope there’s not still snow on the first day of summer!” He asked why not, I told him that would make me sad. He shrugged and went on with whatever else he was doing.

NO more winter updates!!! I’m tired of snow, I’m tired of cold… on to spring and summer fun! 🙂

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